Bite/Occlusal Evaluation in Stuart, FL

Are you experiencing jaw pain, headaches, or difficulty chewing? These symptoms may be caused by issues with your bite or occlusion, which refers to the way your teeth fit together. At Treasure Coast Dental, we offer bite/occlusal evaluations to help diagnose and treat these issues.

Health Issues Targeted

A misaligned bite or improper occlusion can cause a range of oral health issues, including jaw pain, headaches, tooth wear, and even tooth loss. By getting a bite/occlusal evaluation, you can help identify and treat these issues before they become more serious.

Why Get the Service

A bite/occlusal evaluation is a simple yet important step in protecting your oral health. By identifying and treating issues with your bite or occlusion, you can help alleviate symptoms such as pain and discomfort, improve your ability to chew and speak properly, and prevent more serious dental problems from developing.

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The Steps for bite/occlusal evaluation

The dental professional will examine your teeth and jaw, looking for any signs of misalignment or improper occlusion.

The dental professional will analyze your bite, looking at how your teeth fit together and how your jaw moves.

In some cases, the dental professional may take X-rays or other imaging to get a better look at your teeth and jaw.

Based on their examination and analysis, the dental professional will diagnose any issues with your bite or occlusion.

Depending on your specific needs, the dental professional may recommend a range of treatments to improve your bite and occlusion, including orthodontic treatment, tooth reshaping, or the use of oral appliances.

The dental professional will monitor your progress and provide ongoing care to ensure that your bite and occlusion remain healthy and pain-free.